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Certainly Not Winning Lot

Hannes Egger has created the edition Certainly Not Winning Lot for the Win-Win Lottery. Ten lots will certainly not win, as they are withdrawn from the lottery.
Prize: € 250
Edition: 10 pieces
Dimensions: 297×210 cm
Material: Paper, adhesive tape, biros, pencil

Hannes Egger hat für die Win-Win Lottery die Edition Certainly Not Winning Lot geschaffen. Zehn Lose werden sicherlich nicht gewinnen, da sie dem Gewinnspiel entzogen sind.
Preis: € 250
Auflage: 10 Stück
Maße: 297×210 cm
Material: Papier, Klebeband, Kugelschreiber, Bleistift

Certainly Not Winning Lot


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